Weland Communications prepares warriors for strategic battles to conquer hearts and minds. We form communication and engagement strategy with culturally progressive organizations that is tailored to the unique attributes of the company, the business problem and the group of audiences to be reached. Our end-to-end coaching partnership helps you deliver the project AND bring you (+your team) through a little better, a little stronger and a little more capable than you were before. Through our work together, you become an effective storyteller, your message becomes a catalyst, and you achieve your desired outcomes.

Through our work, we advocate for designing experiences and environments that deliver the productivity, agility and achievement companies need to be employers of choice. Work environments matter to us, and so does the experience people have in them. We know how much enjoyment is possible in a work environment where the culture is generative and collaborative, where experiences drive employees to want to come to work. When experience is top of mind, when organizations are able to match values statements with the reality of ‘how we do work around here’, that’s when magic happens. We treat every project as an opportunity to show up, to enrich environments in which people feel genuine, human-scale membership evidenced by a willingness to contribute to the organization and take on some personal responsibility for its vitality.

Perfectly capable is table stakes. It’s reasonable to assume the vendors on your short list are all perfectly capable of consulting on your project. Requisite experience? Check. Skill sets you think you need? Check. Those are table stakes. That gets us in the game. Then what? What else do we bring to the table?

You need a deeper, broader approach.

A worst-case scenario planner who can plot alternate routes and choices to avoid mayhem. Someone who can anticipate where the choreography might come undone and be able to course correct without a hitch in stride. Because you can’t afford an asteroid hit that could derail you, and nobody wants to go on an apology tour if the unanticipated happens.

You’re looking for agility.

You’ve just been handed a ginormous project. It’s pretty clear that your team is going to need help just to get your arms around it, let alone execute it. And the internal folks either don’t have the expertise or the bandwidth to wade in. Just another vendor won’t do: you want someone who cares and who will get their hands dirty with you. It has to be someone who has experienced thriving, generative work environments and knows what it takes to get from good to great; someone who believes. You’re looking for someone who can empathize with the obstacles you face around company culture, process and leader demands, and who can navigate you through.

You want custom, not cookie cutter.

No one wants to see a strategy or plan and discover that the last company’s name wasn’t quite fully erased. Plugging your name into a template isn’t going to fly. You need strategies and work product that is tailored to your unique company, your unique set of circumstances, and your unique group of audiences. That’s how you deliver the right message, inspire action and solve your business problem. 

You need to stick the landing.

You’re competing for the most valuable resource there is… attention. You need to break through with a well-crafted campaign that’s impossible to ignore—that gets people motivated to get up and do something. Change something. Feel something. You need a partner who uses more than just the usual ingredients in the special sauce. Someone who brings the exotic stuff that can assure glorious victories in the battle for hearts and minds.  

You need someone in your corner.

You want to set yourself and your team up for the dunk. You believe it’s time to up-level, to extend yourself and your team into a stretch goal, and you don’t want to leave an exposed opening. To make that work, you need someone in your corner who is part strategist, part coach and part get it done. Someone who tells it like it is, not just what you want to year. You want to be able to ask any question and get a credible answer. You want someone who’s been in your shoes and can empathize with the culture, leadership and process obstacles you face day to day. A partner that helps you deliver the project AND helps you (+ your team) come through a little better, a little stronger, and a little more capable than you were before.