Weland Communications is a boutique employee communications consulting firm, offering a variety of services to help you achieve your business goals, and empower you and your employees for success.

We work with a diverse group of clients in a variety of industries. See examples of how we have delivered results for our clients.

Founded by Jennifer Weland in 2000, we envision communication and engagement strategies with culturally progressive organizations that are tailored to the unique attributes of the company, the business problem and the group of audiences our clients need to reach. 

Our team has deep expertise in internal communications, change management, training strategy & delivery, employee programs and more. Meet our team.

How We Achieve Results for Clients

It’s reasonable to assume that the vendors on your shortlist are all perfectly capable of consulting on your project.

  • Requisite experience? Check.
  • Skill sets you think you need? Check.

Those are basic table stakes.

But, Weland Communications brings much more to the table. We’re the partner who uses more than the usual ingredients in the special sauce. We bring the exotic stuff that can assure glorious victories in the battle for hearts and minds.

Custom, not cookie cutter

You’re looking for much more than a recycled, standard solution where your company name is plugged into strategy and content templates. We custom craft solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs, unique set of circumstances and your unique group of audiences.

Telling a compelling story

You’re competing for the most valuable resource there is… attention. In our communication consulting work, we recognize the power of story to provide meaning, create context and instill a sense of purpose in any audience. craft compelling corporate stories and build skilled strategic storytellers that break through the noise in a way that’s impossible to ignore.

Getting it done

You need more than just strategists. You need doers who can stay on top of the details that matter. We are the partner that can see the big picture to create effective strategies, but who is also detail focused and can help you deliver it successfully.

Someone in your corner

You’re looking for someone who can empathize with the cultural, leadership and process obstacles you face day to day. We are the partner that helps deliver the project AND helps you and your team through it a little better, a little stronger, and a little more capable than you were before.

Anticipating & avoiding disaster

You can’t afford an asteroid hit that could derail you and nobody wants to go on an apology tour if the unanticipated happens. We are “worst-case scenario planners”, able to anticipate where the choreography might come undone and be able to course correct without a hitch in stride.

View our portfolio to see examples of our work for clients → GO

View our portfolio to see examples of our work for clients → GO

View our portfolio to see examples of our work for clients → GO