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Weland Communications, a boutique communication consulting firm, trains worthy warriors on the skills and strategies to triumph in situations where a change of mindset is at the heart of the battle. We forge storytellers. We recognize the power of story to provide meaning, create context and instill a sense of purpose in any audience. When competing for the most valuable resource there is—attention— understanding is not enough. You must move people to do something, change something, feel something. Weland Communications crafts a compelling story, and builds skilled storytellers, that break through the noise in a way that’s impossible to ignore.

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About Jennifer Weland

Jennifer Weland forges warriors. 

Her mission is always about priming people for the moment they extend themselves—and what they stand for—to others.

As the Principal and Chief Storyteller of Weland Communications, Jennifer prepares warriors for situations where a change of mindset is at the heart of the battle. She has collaborated with teams in organizations such as Genentech, PG&E, Sprint, Extreme Networks and UMB to compete for the most valuable resource there is—attention–and use it to influence for good. 

Jennifer brings more than the usual ingredients for the special sauce. With more than 20 years’ experience in communication, engagement strategy and storytelling, she’s learned how to use the exotic ingredients that mean a little something extra. Jennifer is the partner that helps deliver the project AND helps you come through a little better, a little stronger and a little more capable than before.

Clients have engaged her to:

  • Create and execute employee, HR and change communication strategies
  • Identify and launch core values
  • Build and launch global recognition programs
  • Build and launch onboarding programs
  • Launch new learning platforms
  • Integrate social collaboration tools into daily work
  • Build a strategy and governance process for internal and external HR-related Internet sites
  • Support successful integration of new employees through acquisitions and mergers
  • Craft compelling stories and presentations to influence audiences

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