Transitioning Leaders; Improving Engagement

Transitioning Leaders; Improving Engagement

This client was about to make a shift in functional leadership, and wanted to ensure a smooth transition. At the same time, the functional leadership team recognized an opportunity to improve lagging employee engagement and strengthen relationships between employees and functional leaders.

Weland Communications was engaged to develop an employee engagement strategy and drive the implementation of that strategy over a period of two years.

Start by Listening to Employees

With every engagement strategy, we start by listening to employees. We gathered broad feedback using a proprietary online survey based on our 8 Pillars of Employee Engagement. Then, we conducted a series of 1:1 interviews with a variety of employees across the function. The insights we were able to capture provided valuable input into the engagement strategy.

Build the Strategy

Leveraging our proven engagement strategy framework, Weland Communications crafted a strategy that focused on:

  • Introducing the new leader to the function and the rest of the company.

  • Defining a North Star that the function can rally around and work collectively toward achieving.

  • Clarifying the function’s structure, roles, process, tools and data sources.

  • Increasing team alignment, employee engagement, team development and recognition.

  • Understanding the audiences the function needs to communicate and interact with.

  • Crafting a compelling functional story and developing a visual campaign that branded communication materials for target audiences.

Bring the Strategy to Life

A detailed project plan helped us implement the strategy and measure its effectiveness. As part of the strategy implementation, we also planned and delivered more than 75 pieces of communication, including a new functional intranet website and a series of topical presentations to target audiences.

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