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Procurement Business Process Website

Procurement Business Process Website

As part of the adoption strategy we developed to help a global client launch a new procurement platform, Weland Communications created a new website to support more than 20,000 U.S.-based users who buy goods and services. 

As part of building the website strategy, we conducted more than 20 user interviews and developed a set of user stories that informed the content that would go into the new site. 

To bring the site to life, we: 

  • Crafted user-focused content that audiences could use to navigate the procurement business process and procurement-related policies so they could successfully complete contract requests and issue purchase orders to suppliers.

  • Created a series of creative assets (icons, infographics, etc) to help visualize content and make the site more user friendly.

  • Built and tested all of the content pages.

  • Established a robust governance process to help maintain the site going forward.

The site proved so valuable to those who buy goods and services, our client asked us to create a global version of it!

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