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Security Systems Upgrade

Security Systems Upgrade

This client welcomes thousands of employees, contractors, consultants, vendors, visitors and construction crews to its campuses every year. Every single person must be provisioned for access into specific facilities, and the Security team is responsible for provisioning that access. An overhaul of their physical access system impacted 15 sites, requiring that some 40,000 badge holders upgrade their current badge for a new one. The project was complex and had the potential to be very disruptive—badges are used every day and people would be really upset if they couldn’t get into work. The experience needed to be as seamless as possible.

We started with a deep dive into stakeholders and impacted audience groups to:

  • Make sure we didn’t leave anyone out. We identified 11 distinct end user audiences in addition to numerous stakeholders who would all need to be included in our efforts.

  • Get a better understanding of what issues and concerns may exist and how we could best handle them. For example, company badges don’t just open doors or entry gates. Badge technology is integrated with other company systems and services, such as printer/copier access, learning systems, IT kiosks, and more.

  • Identify the most effective channels to deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time. Because we learned that sending mass emails wasn’t an option, we had to get creative in how we spread the word. From intranet pages and articles, to digital and print signage, to presentations, demonstrations and leveraging embedded communication staff in each function, we were able to reach all audiences with the information they needed to take action.

  • Put user experience front and center in all aspects of the project, from communications to stakeholder engagement, to designing the badge swap process.

Next, we:

  • created a custom communication and change management strategy

  • created the “story” for the project that could be used by leaders and project managers to socialize it, build advocacy, and support messaging consistency

  • developed an amazing and distinctive visual campaign that would be instantly recognizable

Over the seven months of the campaign, Weland Communications produced more than 50 communication pieces that successfully informed and instructed audiences about:

  • what was happening (access technology upgrade)

  • why (to secure campuses and keep people safe)

  • the benefits of the change (better user experience, scalable)

  • and what they need to do (swap old badges for new ones)

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